Your dealer will keep your pivots running smoothly increasing your yields...and your ROI.

The dealer network offers:

* Knowledgeable, dependable service

*New product and technology updates

*Advice on how to customize equipment

*Durable Genuine Lindsay parts

Zimmatic by Lindsay system is more than a pivot - it's a customized irrigation solution.

Designed for optimum efficiency, it grows a bigger bottom line.  Each system is backed by trained irrigation professionals who provide expertise and support beyond products and technology.

Season after season, this system will prove profitable no matter what the crop or terrain. 

Which is why we're experts in our field...and yours. 


  9500 Series
   Designed for the toughest
   environments and terrain.
   The most rugged member of
   the Zimmatic family is built
   with the industry's thickest pipe.




zimm_full8500 Series
An incredible value featuring structural strength and long lasting reliability.  The 8500 matches the competition's thickest pipeline.








Zimmatic by Lindsay's 9500 series pipeline is more than 10%thicker than the competition's best offering, which means increased strength for longer life.

The toughest field conditions and most difficult terrain are no match for the industry's thickest pipeline combined with the strength of Zimmatic's patented Uni-Knuckle joint.

Pipeline Construction

· Galvanized steel
Offering the lowest cost per foot, galvanized steel pipe is ideal for    
  "mild" corrosive situations.

· Aluminum
  Zimmatic's aluminum piping provides additional corrosion resistance
  in some situations compared to galvanized machines. 

· Stainless steel
  For serious problem water, high-alloy stainless steel pipe offers a     
  high level of corrosion resistance. 

· Poly-lined pipeline
Ideal for the most corrosive water conditions - municipal, industial
  and agricultural. 




AT Gearbox includes new features such as universal mounting pattern, large, diaphragm style expansion chamber and an externally gusseted bell housing, which make this the most advanced gearbox on the market.



Zimm_CenterDriveZimmatic Center Drive has been field-proven for more than a quarter-century designed for optimum durability, efficiency and speed, Zimmatic by Lindsay pioneered the horizontal center drive which has become the industry standard. It continues to routinely outperform the competition with more than 25 years on proven reliability. A seven-tower Zimmatic pivot with a 43 RPM motor can complete a circle in under 13 hours, compared to over 16 hours for a competitive system with a 34 RPM motor, which results in a 27% savings. Lindsay engineered horizontal design assembled in the USA.


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